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Heaven Scent Grain Free Working Dog Food - VAT Free


HEAVEN SCENT Complete Dog Foods have been painstakingly developed & formulated to provide all the necessary nutrients at the correct levels & ratios to ensure peak condition & performance of your working dogs. All of our flavours are of course VAT free dog foods, so the price advertised on this site is the price you pay.

Therefore our recipes contain only the very finest ingredients with considerably higher meat content than other brands of Working Dog Food.

Having been developed from wolves by man to assist him in numerous ways, dogs are now dependent on us to provide food that emulates their ancestral diet. The high meat content & meat derived protein levels of our feeds will allow you to reward your hard working animal with something that will exactly meet their dietary needs.

We are confident that both owners & dogs will find that “Heaven Scent Working Dog Food’ is genuinely heaven sent from both a nutritional & a financial perspective.

Choose from 50% Lamb, 50% Pork, 50% Salmon and 50% Turkey

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