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About Us

Country Dog Food is a committed producer & supplier of a high quality Grain Free dog food brand for both working dogs, requiring high protein & high meat content for their high energy requirements, and caring dog owners wishing to provide their dog with a top quality, superb value for money complete dry dog food.

How It Started

The business was founded by a group of working dog owners who had become increasingly frustrated at the high price of feeding a food that would allow their dogs to perform over many hours in the field. After extensive discussions with a large number of canine nutritionists Heaven Scent working dog food was born. All parties were adamant that in addition to the best quality ingredients - UK production was also essential, with its high standard of quality control & transparency in production.

A Wider Audience

Although originally conceived & developed as a brand by the group of owners for their own use, (well their dogs to be fair), news about & demand for the food quickly spread amongst family & friends who were equally keen to gain access to it. As a result of the obvious need - it was decided to make the food available as a not-for-profit product through a website, giving an opportunity to others to improve their dog’s food and health, whilst at the same time saving a considerable amount of money.